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Hey everyone!!! So the voting round officially closed yesterday and I ended up taking the 15th spot for highest number of votes!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE FOR ALL OF YOUR VOTES AND SUPPORT THIS PAST MONTH!!!

Yesterday I was also on Alberta Primetime! I was interviewed by Brandy Yanchyk, who was so great! She gave me some great journalism advice and I gave her the address to my parent’s restaurant so she could come by and have some noodle soup sometime! Haha! :D Here's a photo and the embedded clip of the interview, click HERE to see a few more pictures! ;)

My segment only lasted a few minutes but I stuck around till the end of the show because, well, they let me!! Watching how the cameras work and seeing the behind the scenes aspect of a newscast is so interesting!

Seriously, being in the Top 50 has been the greatest experience ever!!!! Interviews, backstage in television studios, emails, tweets, and phone calls with reporters and news producers! Not only has all of this been so exciting, but it’s been such a great learning experience especially considering I’m in journalism!! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! I have had the time of my life and I’m praying it doesn’t end on April 2. Pray with me!!

I’m going to be making another video blog tomorrow, hopefully getting it up by Friday!! It all depends on my homework schedule! I’ve been spending the last two days being super productive in terms of schoolwork, trying to get these final assignments done and out of the way. So far so good.

Here's some other recent media links!

March 23 2009:

CTV 'Meet the Canadians on the 'Best Job' shortlist'
- Click here to read profiles on 7 Canadian candidates

iNews880 & 630CHED 'Time is running out for our local 'Greatest Job in the World' candidate'
- Click here for online iNews article
- Click here for online CHED article

Tomorrow I'll be in Carleton University's The Charleton student paper and I'm also meeting with a NAIT radio and television student for a quick interview as well! :)

Please keep your fingers crossed for me! 8 days until we find out if I make it to Top 11 or not!

Thanks again guys!!!

Hi everyone!!! On Thursday, March 19th, I was on CTV Canada AM!! :)

(Click "CTV Canada AM or below to watch the clip!)

March 19, 2009 Canada AM with Seamus O’Regan

My apologies for the oily looking forehead - WOW. I was not sweating or anything either! I think it was definitely the three beams of light they shone on me that seemed to seduce the oiliness into shining oh so brightly. Tourism Queensland, if you're reading this -- please don't not pick me because you think my forehead is too shiny for the job! :( (LOL)

Okay so because Canada AM is based in Toronto, I wasn't able to do an actual sit down on the couches a foot away from the interviewer, face-to-face type of interview. Instead I did a "remote interview," where I basically get a earpiece that allows me to hear the questions the interviewer is asking me, and I answer by looking straight into a camera, and it shows up on TV like a split screen! I realized afterwards that I had had an opportunity to broadcast to Canada that they should try and help me get Neil Patrick Harris to watch my video!!! Damnit! Missed my opportune moment. :(

The setting for a CTV remote interview! This is the screen that shows how I look to the people at the Toronto station!

Anyway shortly after I was finished there, I tweeted online saying I was done at Canada AM and had a lot of fun, and then I got an @reply tweet from CTV Canada AM's Twitter!!! (Note: I didn't @reply CTVCanadaAM with my tweet, so they had tweeted me all on their own, yay! :D)

CTVCanadaAMs March 19, 2009 tweet to me!

So immediately after that I headed over to 91.7 The Bounce downtown because the Pepper & Dylan Morning Show were having "Puddle Splashing Day" and I was to be their "guest splashee." It really had no relevance to Australia or anything at all (LOL), but it was a fun kind of stunt that brought more awareness to my video & Best Job campaign! I did wear a scubadiving wetsuit that I had borrowed from my friend's cousin but I ended up throwing a huge raincoat over the wetsuit anyway because it was freezing outside! But it's the thought that counts!

We were out being splashed from about 7:30AM-9:00AM (with a few breaks in between to get warmed up and drink some hot chocolate ;)) and then right after that I went straight to school! Amit blogged about the day HERE, which also includes an audio of some of the splashing! :D

Amit & I on Puddle Splash Day (March 19, 2009)

The Pepper & Dylan Show's Twitter also helped advertise me! :)

The Pepper & Dylan Shows Twitter tweet advertising me!

Overall, Thursday was a great day!!! :) An article about me also appeared in a Vietnamese Newspaper online:

"Linda Hoàng mơ “việc làm tốt nhất thế giới”" (Linda Hoang wants the Best Job in the World!!!)

Updated media coverage list: HERE!

Remember to visit my A Young Reporter wordpress blog to read these updates first! ;)

And PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!! There are only a few days left in voting and I don't want to drop anymore in the leaderboard standings!!!!! PLEASE VOTE!!!!

Thank you, have a great weekend everyone!

Hey everyone!!! So as I wrote in the "March 11" update, I've started using my A Young Reporter Blog for more Best Job-related blogging! So the stuff I'm about to post is all stuff that I've written there first, LOL!

So remember the grade 11 marketing class from North Park Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario that emailed me and told me they had chosen me as the candidate they wish to support as a class, and to use their marketing skills to help market me to the world? Well they have written a PRESS RELEASE speaking about their support and how they want Canada to vote for me and on March 13th they sent it to a bunch of media outlets across the country!!! WOW!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! Seriously, they have been soooo supportive and it's just mind boggling how they actually have that much faith in me and they think that I would be the best person for this job! I said it in the video shoutout I made for them last week, but I'll say it again... THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. ANDRAS'S MARKETING CLASS FROM NORTH PARK SECDONDARY SCHOOL!!!! You are all amazing!!

Now here is the latest media coverage I've received (the Journal and Windsor Star coverage I owe all to the marketing class and their press release!!!)

March 14 2009 Edmonton Journal "Support from Ontario surprises student"
- Click here to read the article! (Click the image below to view what it looked like full size in the paper ;D)

Windsor Star "Students back job seeker"
- Click here to read the article

OMNI Multilingual Channel (National Weekend Edition)

Yay!!! On Thursday, March 19th, I'm also set to do a live interview with CANADA AM (Canada's most watched national morning news show :D)

In other news!

This week I met with some Australian and New Zealand members of the Down Under Club of Edmonton! They were all really sweet, really supportive, and they happily took the little vote cards I had brought to distribute! They also said they would send out an email to all the members of the Club and ask them to vote for me, and they put up a little blip to help my campaign on their webpage!!


I'm so stoked that I have the support of the Down Under locals in Edmonton!!! Thank you!!

This week I also did an interview on the Pepper & Dylan Morning Show! They also wrote up a post on their website asking everyone to support and vote for me!!!


They have also invited me to be their guest "puddle splashing star" on Monday! LOL, I really don’t know how this relates to Australia, but it should be fun and goofy and maybe people who listen in on the program that morning will think ‘Hey she’s fun!! I will go vote for her'! My friend's cousin is actually letting me borrow her scubadiving wetsuit so I'm kind of relating it to the "Best Job" in that way! At least it will make for some really fun and interesting photos.... LOL!

ALSO this week I went around and put up posters that I designed to try and get more people in the city to vote for me!!! Here's a smaller sized version of the poster:

If anyone wants to print off the poster and put them up whereever you are located, please do!!!!

Here's a link to the full-sized file: DOWNLOAD THE POSTER HERE!

If you put up any, please take some photos and send them in so I can put them up!! ;)

I think that's all for now! I am putting all of my media coverage at the following link from this point forward!


I've also got an idea for a new video blog that I'm excited to get filmed this coming week! :)

Until next time!!! Please keep voting!!

Hey guys!!! I've decided to start using my A Young Reporter Blog more (just for random blogs as well as ones related to this campaign!) I was just getting sick of this page not having the opportunity for individual "update" links and comments and what not, haha! I need to work on getting stuff integrated ASAP. For now, please check out that blog page for more regular blogging updates! (My latest blog is about TWITTER! Woot, woot.

For now, here's an updated list of the media coverage that I received last week! Apparently I'm also all over the news in Vietnam too which is awesome!!!!!! ;) Hope they're all voting for me :D

Anyway I've ordered these by media coverage that I have links to segments or articles of, and by ones that I do not.



- Tialia News Network (California Vietnamese Publication)
Click Here

- Mix 103.7 Morning Show (Fort McMurray Radio)
Click Here
( Morning Show Blog )

- ChannelWhitsunday.Com (Online Whitsundays News Interview)
Click Here

- Globe & Mail (National Newspaper Article)
Click Here
(I'm not quoted in this article but my video application is featured on the page and there was a cool 2-page spread in the actual paper edition featuring photos and some information on all the Canadian candidates!)

- Metro Edmonton (Newspaper Article)
Click Here

- The Edmonton Sun (Newspaper Article)
Click Here

- The Edmonton Sun (Online Video)
Click Here

- Global TV Edmonton (Television Segment)
Click Here

- CBC Edmonton (Television Segment)
Click Here

- CTV NewsNet (National Television Segment)
Click Here

- CITY TV (Television Segment)
Click Here

CTV Edmonton (Television Website Article)
Click Here
(they did show a segment for local Edmonton news but I can't find it on the site!)

- iNews880 (Radio/Online Article)
Click Here


- CBC National (Radio)
- CBC Edmonton (Radio Talkshow)
- CBC Calgary (Radio)
- QR77 Calgary (Radio)
- OMNI Multilingual Channel (TV)
- Tuoi Tre Daily (Vietnam Newspaper)
- NAIT Nugget (Student Newspaper)

There!! So yeah, I seriously had so much fun talking to all of the newspapers, television and radio stations this past week! :D And I still have more that I want to say!!!!

Today (it's pretty late, I'm going to sleep right away but it's already Wednesday!) I'm going swimming :) Just thought that was relevant enough to add ;)


Right now I'm sitting at 14th place, which is not great considering I WAS at #2, then #8, then #10, then #11, then #14 :( So PLEASE continue to spread the word and keep me up high on the leaderboard!!!

Goodnight!! :)

Hi everyone!!! So before I go into kind of the housekeeping updates ;-) I wanted to put this up high!

I really want to get a Flip Mino HD camcorder!! I think it would be perfect for filming video blogs, video diaries, video messages (my webcam on my laptop is great for that too though but still let's think portability here!) So (and this is me being really optimistic, positive, and hopeful that I make it into the Top 11 finalists, lol!) if I make the Top 11, I intend on purchasing one of these Flip camcorders and I'll start the "webisodes" I speak of, right away with a Flip! :)

Anyway to try and get some more interaction going on here, I thought I would ask you all which Flip you think I should get it? I've put up 9 styles that I think are super cute but I'd like to get your opinions! I know that this "blog" is not really a blog in terms of how there is no comments section, so I set up this little contact form you can send in your "vote" with! Please do! :)

Email Address
Image Verification
Please enter the text from the image
[ Refresh Image ] [ What's This? ]

(It should refresh the page once you hit 'send email'!)

Anyway.. so now that the most colorful and important stuff has been talked about, time for other topics!

The (work) week is officially over and I think that also means the media coverage will significantly drop for now... Since I listed the interviews I did/that were published on previous days I feel I need to do that again now before I move onto other topics so!! Here are a list of some more interviews I did! :)

Most of these I don't have links to post up unfortunately!

- CBC Calgary (Radio)
- QR77 Calgary (Radio)
- OMNI Multilingual Channel (TV)
- Tuoi Tre Daily (Vietnam Newspaper)

- Mix 103.7 Fort McMurray Morning Show
( http://www.mix1037fm.com/blog/mixmorning/?p=391 )

- ChannelWhitsunday.Com

To talk a little about the Channel Whitsunday interview.. yesterday I met with John Nayler from Channel Whitsunday! He has kind of been covering the Best Job in the World and travelling the world, meeting up with other candidates and interviewing them! He was also a candidate himself! I had a lot of fun talking to him and I'd say we had quite the adventure as well trying to locate an australian pub where we would film the interview, almost getting stuck in snow a few times and sliding out a few times as well (I'm not a bad driver I swear!!! The weather and streets were just awful yesterday!! lol) Oh and we were freezing! John found it completely funny that we Edmontonians still go on with our lives when the weather conditions are the way they are, LOL. So we did a little interview at the Walkabout Pub on Whyte Ave. and I also got to speak to the manager there Jeremy who is also a great guy!!! :)

Oh and from the Globe and Mail and the Edmonton Sun that was published on the 4th, here's some stuff to look at! (Click the thumbnails to get bigger size!)

So basically as I type this I am completely exhausted and it's 1AM so I'm probably going to leave it at this and add more updates over the weekend!


Thank you so much everyone! And yeah, definitely use that contact form ;-) I want to hear from you!


Hi everyone!!! Wow! Okay so since the Top 50 was announced I have been doing SO MANY INTERVIEWS!!! It is crazy!!!! I'm in the process of trying to gather all of the media but it's proving difficult because a lot of the radio segments aren't really being put online and the video segments are like mixed in with actual hour-long newscasts so I'm trying to make it easier for everyone by putting up newscasts onto my youtube account.. (sorry for any copyright infringing there??? LOL) Anyway!

Here's a list of the interviews I've done so far and interviews I am in the process of doing and some not-very-organized or complete links but I'm working on it!!! (Some links were way too long so I turned them into tiny URL links!)

Published/broadcast so far:

      March 4 2009

- Globe & Mail (National Newspaper)
Have YouTube, will travel: Australia's experiment in social media

- Metro Edmonton (Newspaper)
"City teen on 'best job' shortlist"

- The Edmonton Sun (Newspaper)
Dream comes closer (local student beats tens of thousands to have shot at exotic job)

- The Edmonton Sun (Video)
Hoping for the best job in the world

      March 3 2009

- Global TV Edmonton
Global TV Edmonton Best Job Linda Hoang Coverage

- CBC Edmonton (TV)
CBC Edmonton Best Job Linda Hoang Coverage

- CTV NewsNet (National TV)
CTV Newsnet Best Job Linda Hoang Coverage

- City TV (TV)
City TV Best Job Linda Hoang Coverage

- CBC Edmonton (Radio)
no link for this radio interview unfortunately! :(

- CBC Radioative (Radio Talkshow)
no link for this radio interview unfortunately! :(

- CTV Edmonton (TV)
Edmontonian on short list for 'Best Job in the World'
(they did show a segment for local Edmonton news but I can't find it on the site!)

      March 2 2009

- iNews880 (Edmonton Radio)
"Edmonton woman closing in on "Best Job in the World"

Upcoming (tonight/tomorrow):

- Calgary CHQR 770 (Radio)
- Calgary CBC Radio (Radio)
- Fort McMurray Mix 103.7 (Radio)
- Omni (Asian TV)

SO WOW!!!!! Right???? LOL!

Oh my god.... I had so much fun yesterday and today! I'm exhausted, of course. But so happy!! The print coverage that was done today had some pretty cool pictures that accompanied them so I'm going to take some photos or try and get them off the websites and add them too!!

I have so much I need to do still!!

Please check my youtube account for more regular video blog updates and my facebook support group and.... twitter and everything! These posts always take a lot longer to write up/do than everything else so it's usually last to be updated! Lol

Anyway! Yeah so there's that and I'll definitely keep you all updated! PLEASE CONTINUE TO VOTE FOR ME EVERY 24 HOURS AND TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO DO THE SAME!!! Thanks guys :-)

(hahhaa well sort of not really)

On March 2nd 2009 the Top 50 for the Best Job in the World was announced and I was on that list!!!!!!

Here's a video I made about an hour after finding out I had made it...

There is now a new round of voting!

From today (March 2) until March 24, voting for the "Wildcard" spot is taking place!!! Basically the person with the highest number of votes out of the Top 50 is guaranteed that 11th finalist spot and will fly down to Australia for interviews!! The other top 10 finalists will be chosen by Tourism Queensland! I'm hoping that I'm one of those 10 chosen by Tourism Queensland but I strongly, strongly, very muchos urge you to VOTE FOR ME for the wildcard spot in case I am not one of the Top 10 chosen!!!!

( http://islandreefjob.com/Linda )

You can vote once every 24 hours until March 24 so please, please vote for me!!!!!

More updates soon!!! I will have to fix up some sections on this site... and a lot of other stuff!

Ah! There's sooooo much (more) to do now!!!!

Thank you so much for viewing and rating my video back in the pre-Top 50 stages everyone!!!

And big thanks to Tourism Queenland for choosing me as one of the Top 50!!!!!! Wow!!!! Thank you!!

Hi everyone!!! The ISLAND REEF JOB website has officially changed their website to reflect that they are no longer accepting anymore applicants!!

I love it!!! I got butterflies when the 'BEST JOB IN THE WORLD' text/image started to dissolve onto the screen!!! Haha! So 34,000 applicants from 200 countries applied!!! Talk about STIFF competition!!! I really, really hope I get shortlisted, all that's left to do now is wait though!!!

On March 2nd, at 11:59 UTC, the Top 50 shortlisted applicants will be announced and voting for the wildcard will start!!! The fact that ONLY 50 people out of 34,000 are going to be picked to move on.... that's sort of finally sinking in and I'm just seriously praying and hoping that I'm shortlisted!!!! I feel like everything in my life right now is panning out in a way that is setting the stage for me to move on in this and to actually get this!!! IT JUST FITS!!! I really, really hope it happens. I really hope I make it to the Top 50 at least!!!! I mean, I want to win the whole thing but I will just be soo disappointed if I don't even get shortlisted... but I'm staying positive and I think things will be good!! :)

Please keep viewing and rating and telling your friends and other people to view and rate my video over this next week!! Queensland's website has written numerous times that the highest rated and the most viewed does not directly determine shortlisted candidates or winners but it just makes ME feel good to see my video up high and you know it can't hurt!!! So please don't let it drop!! Thank you so much everyone!!!!! I can't thank all of you enough for all of your help!!!!!! I hope it pays off in the end!!!!!! Keep checking back here and the facebook group for updates!!!! Thank you!!


Hi everyone!!! Guess what? It's...

Haha! So the deadline for new applicants for the Best Job in the World close on Feb 22 which is coming up FAST! As soon as it closes, this is what's going to happen (according to the Island Reef Job site):

" Tourism Queensland and its representatives in international markets, along with media partners, will short list all applications to select the top 50 between 23rd February and 2nd March 2009.

Applicants being considered for the short list may be contacted between 23rd February and 2nd March 2009 to undergo online testing.

Scary, exciting, stuff!!! Right? So I hope and pray and hope again that I am contacted between Feb 23-March 2 to indicate that I'm one of the Top 50 shortlisted!!!!! Also, what do you suppose "online testing" means? Hm. Well, whatever it is, I want to do it!!!

Anyway, so that's that. I'm getting really nervous and excited at the same time... I REALLY hope I make it to the Top 50!! Thank you soooooooo much everyone for your support, messages, watching the video, rating it and telling your friends!! The video reached the 10,000 views mark yesterday!!!! And is still climbing so, thank you!!!!! :) Next topic!!

I added some more stuff to the "VIDEO" section of this site!! It includes links to the Photos that I used in my video, Video Messages I've been posting on my Facebook support group, and the Media Coverage I've been getting!!! I'm thinking of more things to add so keep checking back to see those updates! :)

Yesterday I was on Edmonton's Breakfast TV morning show!!! They ended up going to the Island Reef Job site live on air and I was so afraid that it would be embarassing like if I wasn't on the Most Popular page anymore (because the night before there were all of those website glitches and I had dropped and I was all stressed out!!) but THANK GOODNESS I was on the first page of Most Popular!! (P.S. I KNOW being Most Popoular or on the Most Popular page does NOT mean I'll be FOR SURE shortlisted or anything at all! I know this. Just the way I think about it is that if I'm on this page then the judges will more likely have noticed me and that will therefore HELP my chances of being shortlisted, but I know that it does not guarantee anything at all!) Anyways, so clearly being on that first page while live on air made for good TV!! :) and no embarassment!!!! :)

Click HERE or the image below to watch the video!!! Thanks BT!

So yeah!! I guess that's it for now!! :) Thanks again everyone for your support!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I still want Neil Patrick Harris to see my video / see I referenced him !!!!!!! LOL! - Linda :)

Hey everyone!!!! I am splitting this little update into 3 sections..

So since yesterday I noticed that my video's view counter had frozen/was not moving. I thought it was just my video at first or maybe even my compuer but I asked a few people to check with theirs and the view counter was not increasing at all for them either. Then I checked a few of the other videos on the Island Reef Job website and found that they seemed to be frozen as well :( So that is really making me frustrated and sad because my video is losing momentum and if anyone has been following the view stats, my video was averaging over 1000 views a day!!!! So the fact that it's been stuck at 8612 since yesterday afternoon is really sad because I'm sooo positive it could be nearing 10,000 views by now IF the view counter on the site was working properly!!! :( Anyway the whole thing is rather upsetting as I said my video is sort of losing momentum because of this little site glitch and that's obviously not cool!! :( Hopefully it gets fixed soon...

So I know I've been mentioning some media coverage (in more detail on my Facebook support GROUP) but I thought I'd take this time to thank the stations/papers that have given me media coverage this week!!

| iNews Report | Global Edmonton Coverage | Metro Edmonton Article | Ez Rock 104.9 Interivew |

So thank you SOOOOO much to all of those places for covering the popularity of my video / me!!!! I would like to think that my ability and eagerness to speak with the media (one of the requirements for the person who gets the Island Reef Job) shows that I am more than capable and happy to do interviews! :) Also, being a journalism student, I know how excruciatingly painful it is when a source does not return a call or returns it too late, so for all of the media that have contacted me, I've made it my number one priority to make sure I call or email the mback ASAP! :) But yeah, the coverage has been so helpful in getting even more people to watch and rate it and I appreciate it SO MUCH!!! SO GRATEFUL!!!!! :) St. Albert's Saint City News has also spoken with me (this morning) so I think I should be in their Friday paper, and tomorrow I'll be on Breakfast Television at 9AM!! So after I do those interviews/those get printed I'll add them to the list of media coveragers too!!!! I just hope the website fixes its glitches soon because I don't want to go on Breakfast TV with sad statistics!!!!! :( because that would be embarassing, right? lol. So lastly...

PLEASE CONTINUE TO TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS TO TELL THEIR FRIENDS (lol) ABOUT MY VIDEO AND TO RATE IT!!! please!! I know since the website is messed up in terms of view counts right now, maybe the views would be lost but the ratings are still important and I think they are still working?! So please keep getting people to view and watch and rate.. and who knows maybe the website has all of the current views cached and when it does fix itself all of the views that SHOULD have been added to the view count will get added all at once!!!! :) That's what i'm hoping. haha but if not it's okay just please keep telling people about my video and to help rate it and everything!! Thank you sooooo so much for all of the support everyone!!!! :) I'm also going to try and add a few more content-related stuff to this site today/tomorrow!! (If you join the facebook support group I tend to update that with content and information and messages a lot quicker than this site! so be sure to join it!!!) And stay tuned!!! :)

Thank you again!!!!

Hi everyone!!!! The video is now over 6000 views!!! And it's still up on the Most Popular page!! (last night it was most popular for a few hours!!) It definitely keeps fluctuating though! Let me tell you, finding new people to watch and rate my video has to be the most tiring thing ever! And I'm sure I'm coming off as too persistent and annoying too which is unfortunate but I HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!!! I hope that if (when??) I make it into the Top 50 the voting style is different and it will only be votes FOR, rather than giving people the ability to rate low or vote negatively too, because that completely messes things up! I can find a ton of people to support me, I'm sure of it, but it's so hard getting the same number of people to support me while there's people out there rating me low!!! And I don't know why they would rate my video low anyway because I think the video is pretty great!!! (LOL!)

Anyway so like I said the video is now over 6000 views (there's some discrepencies, the actual youtube page listed it at over 6000 last night while the island reef page said it was still only at 5800 something.. which one is right??) But at least the video is still getting its regular average of about a thousand views a day!!

Yesterday I also did an interview for a radio broadcast about the fast success of my video!!! (all thanks to you guys! thank you so much!!!) and this morning I did an interview about it for a TV broadcast!!!!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!! For those who live in Edmonton, tune into Global TV @ 6PM tonight (Sunday!!!) and for those who don't, no worries it's supposed to go up on the Global website too and I'll be sure to add it to the Facebook group!!!!

Again, please continue to tell your friends about the video. There has to be NEW people, they are only the ones who can give the video fresh rates!! The top 50 is announced on March 2 so the momentum for my video has to continue until at least then!!! Please spread the word!!!! Thank you so much for all of the support!!

Hi guys!!! The video is over 4000 views now!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! It is still up in the Most Popular section with the 4 stars, thank you for all of the rates everyone!!! Also I've been getting messages from strangers about my video and I wanted to give an extra shout out to you all!!! It's something when your friends and family compliment the video but when complete strangers think it's a great submission then obviously that's great!!! :) The facebook group is also over 300 members now. Thank you!!! Please keep passing along the video link!!!! Please! :)

Hi everyone!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL OF THE VIEWS AND RATES!!!!! As of 9:45 AM today, my video has been viewed 2746 times with a rating of 4 STARS!! It's been on the MOST POPULAR page for all of yesterday and I think dropped slightly overnight but is back on the Most Popular page now!! :)

If you've watched the video, rated the video (high lol), enjoyed the video or told any of your friends about the video, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!! I really, really appreciate it. Thank you thank you!!!! But please continue to tell your friends and family and help me!!! The Top 50 candidates aren't announced until the beginning of March so I need my video to remain at the top/popular/gain popularity for another few weeks!!! That can only be done if more and more people watch the video and rate it!! So please tell your friends and family and coworkers to watch my video!!!

Thank you again!!! I've gotten a lot of really encouraging and sweet comments from SO many people, friends and strangers alike, and again I really appreciate everyone's help in this. Thank you :)

Hi everyone!!!!! In less than 24 hours my video is the #1 Most Popular Video in Canada!!! and has been fluctuating between 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th most popular in the "ALL" countries category!!! Thank you so much for your rating and thank you so much for your views!!! It's almost at 1500 views right now and it keeps growing every hour!!! Thank you so much for joining the Facebook group as well !!! It's almost at 200 members :) Seriously thank you all so so so so much!!! Keep viewing and telling your friends about the video!!! :) Thank you!!!

My video has been approved!!!! Commencing the mass advertising!! :)
Please view and rate!! Watch the video HERE!!!!

Join the Facebook Group to support me !!!

I've uploaded my video application to the Island Reef Job website and am waiting for them to approve it and put it online! Very eagerly and not all that patiently waiting that is...